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5 Tips for Choosing a Brisbane Aged Care Furniture Manufacturer

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Because Your Brisbane Aged Care Furniture Manufacturer Should Understand that Not All Aged Care Facilities are the Same...

Many companies offer custom-made furniture but if you want your refurbishment project to be delivered on time, on budget and defect free, you need to be very careful about who you choose as your Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer.

Here are some tips to help you choose a quality aged care furniture manufacturer.

Tip 1: Your Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer should understand that one size does not fit all.

elderly people in Brisbane aged care facility

Not all aged care facilities across Australia are the same and you need someone to understand your individual needs. A good Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer will start with an understanding of the environment in which the furniture will be used and will bring specific industry knowledge and understanding of furniture to the table. Each client has unique requirements and the initial consultation with your furniture manufacturer should discuss these requirements.

Your Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer should also be looking for a balance of function, aesthetics and budgetary constraints:

  • Function: Elderly people living in aged care facilities have specific physical needs which, when met, can have significant impact on their emotional wellbeing.
  • Aesthetics: Aged care furniture should look good, be easily understood and create a warm, non-clinical and residential feel.
  • Budget: In the early stages of your refurbishment project, your furniture manufacturer should have a frank conversation with you about what is achievable within your budget, while also providing a fixed price quote.

Tip 2: Customer care should be front-of-mind for your Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer.

Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer who loves his clients

Your Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer should be passionate about fully satisfying their customers. The objectives of a quality furniture manufacturer should be to always deliver innovative designs and quality workmanship, to always keep their clients and exceed their expectations of service and reliability and to always deliver spaces and solutions for which their clients thank them.

Look for social proof to support the claims of the furniture manufacturer. Examples of social proof include testimonials on the manufacturer’s website, Google reviews, Facebook reviews or review websites such as Trustpilot.

Look for evidence of successful ongoing relationships with the manufacturer. Perhaps they can supply you with a list of those aged care facilities that they have ongoing relationships with. You could call those companies to discuss their experience with the furniture manufacturer.

Get an understanding of the furniture manufacturer’s underlying culture and values. Do those values match your aged care facility’s values? Good furniture manufacturers will value flexibility, approachability and professionalism and will be looking to partner with an aged care facility who shares the same attributes.

Tip 3: Given the current economic client, your Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer should provide cost-effective solutions.

carpenters choosing quality materials for furniture manufacturing

While providing cost-effective solutions is an important requirement of any Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer, it should not be the only factor. After all, if you focus too much on price, you may rule out the best furniture manufacturer on offer.

Instead, focus on finding a good furniture manufacturer who uses quality materials and is organised with processes to get your refurbishment project completed in good time. A furniture manufacturer like this is likely to have fair prices and no nasty surprise extras down the track. It will end up saving you money during your furniture refurbishment.

Price is important, but never forget these three options: good, cheap and fast; they rarely go together when you’re looking for a quality furniture refurbishment for your aged care facility.

Look for a furniture manufacturer who is skilled in presenting affordable solutions which are both aesthetically pleasing and meet cost-effective criteria for individual needs.

Tip 4: Your Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer should be conscious of preserving the environment for future generations.

carpenter making quality furniture in Brisbane

A good furniture manufacturer will have an Eco Statement or an Eco Policy, usually published on their website, which demonstrates that they are conscious of preserving the environment and that they take that responsibility seriously. They should seek to provide their clients with products which have the least impact on our environment and where possible, the materials used should be recyclable.

Other factors to ensure the sustainability of the furniture they manufacture might include:

  • Timber used should be renewable;
  • All materials used should be formaldehyde free;
  • Metal should include recycled content and be recyclable;
  • Organic fabrics, such as natural latex rubber or soybeans mixed with polyurethane, are best;
  • Wrapping and batting should be bio-based instead of oil-based;
  • Longevity and durability also contribute toward furniture’s sustainability; the longer a product is used the less often it needs to be replaced and fewer resources are consumed.

Tip 5: Choose a Brisbane furniture manufacturer who specialises in aged care furniture and does both the design and manufacturing of furniture for aged care facilities.

woman and nurse in aged care facility

You need a furniture manufacturer who understands the needs of the aged care population, and both designs and manufactures furniture for aged care facilities. By choosing a furniture manufacturer who does both the designing and manufacturing, you will have one company completely focused and accountable for delivering your refurbishment. 

Using a company with a track record of successfully scoping and delivering aged care furniture solutions also means that your aged care facility refurbishment will be designed and delivered within your budget, avoiding any potential budget blowouts that may come with having too many middle-men involved.

Are you looking for a Brisbane aged care furniture manufacturer who can deliver your refurbishment?

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