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Slimline RL Armchair

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Applications - Retirement, Health and Aged Care, Hotel, Restaurant and Visitor Seating

The Slimline lift and recline chair is available with a manually operated mechanism, single motor electric space-saving mechanism and 2 motor electric multi-adjustable versions. This power lift recliner is ideal for people who have difficulty rising from a seated position without help. 

Chairs like these are also known as rise-and-recline chairs, power lift recliners, electric lift chairs or medical recline chairs.

Although the Slimline armchair looks similar to a standard recliner and functions in much the same way by allowing the user to recline, they also provide sit-to-stand support. By supporting people when going from a seated position to a standing position, they don't have to lift themselves and can avoid possible strain to the shoulders, arms and hips. Electric lift chairs gently stand the user, reducing the fatigue and possible injury for those who are using them. A lift chair can help prevent carer injuries by assisting with the transfer of the recliner user from one position to another.

790 Width
780 Depth
970 Height
1650 Fully Extended Depth
510 Seat Height 
480 Seat Depth