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Commercial Furniture Solutions from Your Trusted Australian Furniture Partner – Every Step of the Way

Working on a commercial furniture project can be stressful. That’s why my Brisbane-based furniture solutions team – from the furniture consultants to the furniture makers – is here with you every step of the way. From start to finish, let us take the worry out of your furniture project.

Rest easy knowing our team of furniture professionals – has got you covered – no matter what.

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– Ross McCorkell
FHG Owner, Furniture Consultant

Our Custom Furniture Solutions Process

We have a carefully crafted furniture solutions process that will provide you with essential support throughout your commercial furniture project – from concept to furniture placement and beyond.

Aged care and retirement living lounge room

Furniture Project Introduction Meeting

This involves meeting with you and any other stakeholders to initiate the furniture solutions process. Ideally, this is best done at the location where you intend to install the commercial furniture.

During this meeting, we will hear your furniture project vision and we will demonstrate to you how we will partner with you and your organization to provide quality custom furniture to achieve your vision.

It’s important that we come to you because our expert furniture consultants need to understand how the furniture will be used, who will be using it and how and where you intend to use your space in terms of the furniture within it. This is an integral part of the furniture design process and speaks to our 25 years of evidence-based experience in the Australian health, retirement living and aged care furniture market.


Cost Indication Consultation

After our initial furniture solutions meeting, we will return to you with a written indication of costs. Our two decades of experience in providing furniture quotes, along with our thorough knowledge of the furniture manufacturing process and supplier prices will ensure the accuracy of our cost indication.

We will discuss with you the kinds of variables that can impact the cost of a furniture project including quantities, materials selections and furniture design choices.

Through a collaborative process, we will work through the variables to ensure that the project proposal meets your organisation’s budget and expectations. You are involved and informed every step of the way.

The Look

Materials and Design Consultation

Once you have agreed to the initial cost indication, we can then move on to finalizing the different design elements for your furniture project.

These selections will allow us to prepare the final costings and include choices for furniture design, fabric, timber and polish, along with any bespoke features you require.

Our 20 years of experience in manufacturing furniture in Australia means that we have long-standing relationships with quality suppliers and that we can source just about any materials depending on your needs, from a vast range of functional and beautiful upholstery fabrics right through to sustainably grown Australian timber.


Final Costings, Sign Off and Purchase Order Submission

By this stage, we have been working closely together, making adjustments where necessary to ensure that our proposed schedule of furniture and associated costs meets your organisation’s budget and needs.

Based on these discussions, we can now prepare a comprehensive final costing for your approval. This will be a fixed price contract and you can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any hidden costs further down the track.

Once you have signed off on the schedule of furniture, we invite you to submit a purchase order for the project.


Handcrafted in Brisbane

After much discussion and consultation, the furniture manufacturing process begins in accordance with the schedule of furniture you signed off on. Our furniture is handcrafted by our team in our Brisbane furniture manufacturing workshop.

From meticulously ordering materials, to carefully mixing polish stains, to skillfully hand cutting and sewing each upholstery cover, our experienced team draws on their 20 years in the furniture manufacturing industry to bring your furniture project vision to life.

The journey from concept to completion will be as seamless as possible, knowing that our seasoned, experienced team are with you all the way.

Even when the project is complete, you will have peace of mind knowing that we provide a 10 year structural warranty.


Your Vision Comes to Life

Once the furniture for your project has passed our quality assurance process, we are now ready to install it for you.

We will organize the transportation of the furniture and ensure that it arrives to you safely. Our hands-on team will then attend the installation and coordinate the furniture assembly and placement, ensuring that every dining chair, lounge, side table, buffet unit and recliner is positioned just ‘so’.

We will also remove any packaging or debris and tidy up after ourselves. Before long, the people for whom the furniture has been handcrafted will be enjoying the spaces that have been created just for them.

Post Project Follow-Up

Not the End of the Journey

Once we install a furniture project, we don’t just walk away. Quality furniture is a big investment for any organization and we want our products to deliver you long-term value. We stand by the quality of the furniture we deliver and offer a 10 year structural warranty.

We are also very responsive when a repair is needed, endeavoring to make the repair and have it returned to you with priority. It also helps that we design our furniture with ease-of-repair in mind and all work is carried out at our Brisbane manufacturing workshop.

We will also keep in touch with you to ensure that you and those who use the furniture continue to love it.

Ross McCorkell, FHG Furniture Consultant
Ross McCorkell signature from FHG

– Ross McCorkell
FHG Founder, Project Consultant

Are you looking for quality Australian commercial furniture solutions – from a company with 25 years in the industry?

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