The right retirement living furniture should be a balance of function and style.

We understand the importance of creating Australian made furniture that meets the needs of retirement living residents.

Our retirement living furniture that we handcraft in our Brisbane furniture manufacturing facility has been built around four key points: comfort, independence, safety and aesthetics.

Our industry leading furniture designs for those living in retirement communities are both beautiful and practical; a combination sure to please all retirement living stakeholders including residents, their families, Village Managers and other key operational staff.

Our Australian made furniture has been designed with the utmost consideration for the needs of those living in retirement communities. We tailor each piece to provide superior comfort and independence, while also ensuring safety and offering an aesthetically appealing look.

We ensure that each piece of furniture meets stringent quality control standards.

Our dedication to providing superior quality furniture for retirement communities is reflected in the proven longevity of our products; many of our pieces have been used successfully and reliably in Australian retirement villages for over a decade.

We are proud to offer furniture pieces that can help create a warm, welcoming environment that residents can enjoy.

FAQs for Retirement Living Furniture

What factors should I consider when choosing furniture for retirement living facilities?

Consider comfort, durability, ease of maintenance, safety features, and the overall design aesthetic that promotes a comfortable and home-like environment.

How can I ensure that the furniture contributes to a welcoming and age-friendly atmosphere in retirement living facilities?

Choose furniture that aligns with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider color schemes, comfortable seating, and designs that cater to the unique needs of seniors.

What materials are commonly used for high-quality furniture in retirement living facilities?

Quality furniture for retirement living often uses materials such as easy-to-clean fabrics, sturdy hardwoods, and finishes that resist stains and wear.

Is customization an option for furniture in retirement living facilities?

Many suppliers offer customization options to meet the specific needs and preferences of retirement living facilities. This may include variations in size, color, and functionality.

How important is ease of maintenance when selecting furniture for retirement living?

Ease of maintenance is crucial. Choose furniture with surfaces that are easy to clean and resistant to stains to ensure a clean and hygienic living environment.

What role does ergonomic design play in furniture for retirement living facilities?

Ergonomic design is essential for promoting comfort and well-being among residents. Choose furniture that supports proper posture and ease of use for seniors.

Are warranties available for furniture purchases for retirement living facilities?

Reputable furniture manufacturers and suppliers often provide warranties for furniture. Ensure you understand the terms of the warranty, including coverage and duration, before making a purchase.

Can I find furniture options that address mobility and accessibility needs in retirement living facilities?

Yes, consider furniture with features such as easy-to-grip handles, height-appropriate designs, and furniture that accommodates mobility aids to enhance accessibility for residents.

Are there eco-friendly options for furniture in retirement living facilities?

Yes, many suppliers offer environmentally friendly options, such as furniture made from sustainable materials. Ask your furniture manufacturer about their sustainability policy.

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