Hair Salon Furniture

With a vast range of the latest and greatest in furniture, we have everything you need to complete your salon makeover. From chairs and styling stations to reception desks and storage solutions, our products are designed with quality and durability in mind.

A Hair Salon that is both functional and stylish

We understand how important it is to make your salon both functional and stylish – after all, your clients visit your salon for a relaxing experience and to feel pampered. However, with so many options available in the market, it might be hard to know which furniture pieces are essential for your hair salon.

Styling Chairs

The most crucial piece of furniture in any hair salon is the styling chair. Your clients will spend a significant amount of time in these chairs, so prioritizing comfort is paramount. Look for chairs with a comfortable cushion, adjustable height, and 360-degree rotation for easy access to all sides of the client’s hair. They also need to be durable, as hair salons are a high-traffic environment. Leather or vinyl upholstery is preferable for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Shampoo Stations

Your salon experience wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing hair wash at the shampoo station. Investing in comfortable and functional shampoo stations is important. Consider an ergonomically designed chair with neck support, paired with a high-quality, easy-to-clean shampoo bowl. Options to consider include floor-mounted or wall-mounted shampoo bowls, with additional features such as storage for towels and shampoo bottles. A good drainage system is essential to avoid water leakage and ensure a clean and organized salon.

Trolley Carts

Hairdressing trolley carts are essential for keeping your hair salon organized and clutter-free. They allow your stylists to keep all the necessary tools and products within reach, making their work more efficient. Choose a trolley cart with multiple compartments and shelves, allowing for easy organization of tools and products. Sturdiness and mobility are crucial features to consider, as you’ll need to frequently move the trolley cart around the salon. Also, make sure the trolley cart is easy to clean and sanitize.