Furniture Makers Australia: Manufacturing Commercial Furniture in Brisbane for the Australian Market

Quality, fit-for-purpose furniture made by our talented FHG furniture makers in Australia

We are furniture makers, Australia and our Brisbane-based manufacturing team is passionate about manufacturing high quality commercial furniture for Australians, customised to meet the individual needs of a variety of sectors.

From ergonomic health and aged care furniture proven to improve comfort and safety, retirement living furniture designed to bring joy to senior living, luxury hotel and accommodation furniture featuring modern designs for upscale spaces, and commercial office furniture that brings function and style to any workplace environment – we have you covered.

We offer custom-made furniture crafted from the best materials, ensuring lasting quality that can withstand the test of time. For any business looking to upgrade their commercial space, our tailored furniture solutions are the perfect choice.

Selecting the Right Materials for Quality Furniture Manufacturing

When it comes to making quality furniture, the process begins with selecting the right materials for the job. Our team carefully sources from a range of suppliers to ensure that only top-grade materials are used in our products, including using hardwoods such as Tasmanian Oak for structural durability and high-performance upholstery fabrics.

Handcrafted Furniture Made in Our Australian Furniture Manufacturing Facility

Once the necessary furniture manufacturing materials have been sourced, our team gets to work crafting the furniture by hand. Our skilled team have considerable skill in cutting, shaping and joining different pieces together, ensuring that each product meets our standards of furniture manufacturing excellence. They take their time with each piece, perfecting intricate details like smooth curves and seamless joints.

Furniture Manufacturing Quality Control

As part of our strict quality control process, each item is tested against rigorous standards before being released into production. This testing involves everything from checking for damage or defects to evaluating its performance under real-world conditions. Only once an item has passed all these tests does it move on to its final stage: assembly.

Furniture Assembly

The final step in manufacturing quality fit-for-purpose furniture is the assembly process – where individual parts are pieced together into their finished form. This requires great care and attention from our team members who ensure that each piece fits perfectly before using strong adhesives or mechanical fastenings to hold everything firmly together. After this careful assembly is complete, the item is ready for dispatch – providing Australians with beautiful, long-lasting pieces of commercial furniture they can enjoy for years to come.

Australian furniture makers

Personalized service for every Australian business we partner with, across all industries – from health and aged care to retirement living to hotel and accommodation

At FHG, we understand that all Australian businesses, regardless of industry, have different needs when it comes to furnishing their commercial spaces. That’s why we provide personalized service for every business partner, offering tailored furniture solutions to meet the specific requirements of each company. From furniture makers who understand the Australian market.

We collaborate with our clients to ensure they get quality Australian furniture solutions. Furthermore, our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in providing expert advice on ergonomics and design, so you can trust us to create the perfect space for your business.

Some of the industries we service include:

  • Healthcare

  • Aged Care

  • Retirement Living

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Student Accommodation

  • Motel Accommodation

  • Clubs, Cafes, Restaurants

  • Offices, Showrooms

  • Churches

  • Schools, Universities

  • Function Centres, Conference Venues

Real people, real passion & pride in their craft

Fit-For-Purpose Custom Furniture Manufactured In Brisbane for Your Commercial Space

Our range of Australian made furniture has been custom designed and manufactured to suit the retirement living, health and aged care, hotel and accommodation and office furniture sectors.

Created in our Brisbane furniture manufacturing workshop, our custom commercial furniture range is handcrafted by our skilled craftspeople using quality materials and drawing on decades of furniture-making experience. Each piece is upholstered and polished to suit your needs.

Beyond Furniture Manufacturing

Australia’s Custom Furniture Solutions Partner

End-to-end Furniture Solutions by Australians, For Australians

Partnering with Australian businesses for over 25 years to create commercial spaces that people love. We focus on manufacturing and supplying high-quality furniture that is designed to last – from robust Australian made armchairs to stylish cabinets and consoles and coffee and side tables. Our team of furniture experts have deep knowledge in creating the best solutions for a wide range of businesses from small to large scale corporations.

FHG Team - Australia's Custom Furniture Solutions Partner
Your Australian Commercial Furniture Partner

We work with you to deliver the furniture solution you need. From furniture design and upholstery fabric selection to Australian furniture manufacturing, to final furniture installation, we’re by your side every step of the way.

Meeting Your Commercial Furniture Needs

Our clients seek a reliable Australian furniture partner who affords them the flexibility, accessiblity and professionalism to meet their unique furniture needs – qualities we’re proud to offer at every turn.

Fit-for-purpose Commercial Furniture

Our team of Australian furniture makers create and source innovative, functional pieces to meet our client’s needs. Throughout the Australian aged care industry, we are well known for the fit-for-purpose health & aged care furniture and retirement living furniture that we’ve developed.

Made in Australia + 10 Year Structural Warranty

Each piece of furniture we manufacture in our Brisbane furniture manufacturing workshop is backed by a 10 year structural warranty, ensuring that your furniture investment will stand the test of time.  We use only the finest materials, sourced from local suppliers, to ensure that your furniture will look great for years to come.

Are you looking for quality Australian commercial furniture solutions – from a company with 25 years in the industry?

We know the importance of quality and longevity when it comes to creating custom furniture for any Australian commercial space.

Our Brisbane-based team will help you find the perfect commercial furniture solution.

Call us today on 07 3808 7922 or…

Ross McCorkell, FHG Furniture Consultant
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– Ross McCorkell
FHG Owner, Furniture Consultant